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Rules 2017

The deadline for sumbitting your film is 25th of May 2017.
1. The film should be produced either in 2016 or 2017.
2. The film can be screened without competing if the director notifies us about  this in the submission.
3. The filmmaker is responsible for the film’s content. This means that the filmmaker is able to ensure that s/he can prove the rights for music, images and clips in the film. Not complying to the rules will lead to the film being disqualified.
4. If the film has more than one directors it is the age of the oldest director that decides which category the film will compete in. It is the age of the director upon completion of the film that counts. The categories are:
27+ : 27 years or above
Tungvikt: 20-26 years (competing for the 'Novemberfestivalen')
Mellanvikt: 16-19 years (competing for the 'Novemberfestivalen') 
Lättvikt 2 (13-15 years old)
Lättvikt 1 (6-12 years old)
skolfilmfestival/ School film festival (from elementary school through to gymnasium)
In the category ’mellanvikt and tungvikt’ the maximum length is 15 minutes per film, including credits.
Documentaries competing in the category ’Dokhopp’ can be max 30 minutes.
In the category ’27+’ the maximum length is 30 minutes per film.
In the category ’lättvikt’ the maximum length is 10 minutes per film.
In the category ’skolfilmfestival’ the maximum length is 5 minutes per film.
6. In order to submit a film to STOCKmotion filmfestival, the filmmaker must be living, working or studying in Stockholm.
7. If you submit your film to STOCKmotion ’mellanvikt’ or ’tungvikt’ (16-19 years & 20-26 years) you can only apply to ONE of the competitions for the 'Novemberfestival'. If the film has several directors that come from different regions the directors have to decide together which regional competition the film is submitted to. Multiple submissions lead to disqualification from the 'Novemberfestivalen'.
8. If you are competing in ’mellanvikt’ or ’tungvikt’ (16-19 years or 20-26 years) the film cannot previously have taken part in any regional selection for the 'Novemberfestival'. Multiple submissions lead to disqualification from the 'Novemberfestival'.
* The 'Novemberfestivalen' is a national competition held annually in Trollhättan for young filmmakers across the country.